Best Solutions for Workers Safety in Mining Industries

Mining environment settings are difficult to work in because they can change fast as operations continue. Since the early 19th century when mining commenced at industrial scale, health and safety have always been of great concern. Some of the risks that miners face include ergonomic, physical and psychological issues. Common causes of injuries include falls from height, mobile equipment, and entrapment. To guarantee your workers of better safety, here are some of the best solutions to consider. 

Wireless Underground Communications 

Hard-wired pagers have been cited in many cases as a major cause of failure and poor safety. You should consider going for mobile-based communications that make it easy and convenient for workers to communicate even when operating underground. Effective tracking and communication are prudent in case of accidents in a mining system. You can trace the workers, guide them, and make rescue more effective. 


The goal of automation in the mining environment is to help eliminate human error. Instead of waiting for technicians to note levels of contaminants, an automated system can easily detect and activate the right remedial measure. In industrial plants, automation can be used to easily sense when parameters such as speed, temperatures, pressure, or breakdown are exceeded and close the machine automatically. This means that the system halts before things reach to the harmful level. 

Equip Miners with Self-contained Rescue Kits 

To enhance the safety of miners, industrial managers should equip staff with self-contained rescuers. These are portable units that carry important components especially breathable oxygen in case the workers get trapped in the mines or exposed to poisonous gas leaks. This can help miners to easily get from a dangerous region without harm. 

Health and Safety Training 

Even as you set the system to automatically note trouble and initiate remedial measures, workers in the mining niche also need to be properly trained. Health and safety training can help to raise awareness about hazards on the job and controls applications. In this industry, trained staff will also be able to use the equipment for hazard detection and firefighting. 

Another thing that you need to appreciate about health and safety training for industrial health and safety training is that it should be continuous. This is crucial to helping workers understand the modern equipment and use them effectively. 

The Final Take

If you want to maintain your mining unit safety in top condition, it is prudent to follow the best practices. It is also crucial to adopt the latest technology that can help to detect issues and initiate remedies for prevention. This post has outlined some of the best solutions that you should consider.