Canada is Needing One Million Skilled Migrants

The IRCC or “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship” of Canada is the government agency having the obligation for any matters having to do with immigration to Canada, for refugees wanting Canadian citizenship. This agency was formally known as “Citizenship and Immigration Canada”, with this department being established in 1994 after a restructuring of the government. It was given it current name in 2015 with the swearing in of the 29th Ministry. 

Needing migrants

Currently Canada Immigration needs 1 million skilled migrants to fill critical skills shortage across their country. 

If interested

If you are interested, make an appointment to speak with an immigration attorney to determine if you are qualified to live and work in Canada. They offer modest rates and excellence service. 

Express Entry

Express Entry is the system of Immigration used to select skilled workers with their families who want to live and work in Canada. It is a system based on points and ranks immigrates profile on their likelihood of being successful in Canada. If you are highly ranked, you will be invited to apply for permanent residence. 

How to qualify?

There are three programs you could be eligible for dependent on your background and circumstances. There are:

  • Skilled trades program;
  • Skilled worker program;
  • Canadian experience class.

A few candidates may also be designated through a program which is Provincial Nominee, however, most newcomers immigrate through those programs highlighted above. 

How Express Entry points calculated?

These points are founded on numerous factors, these include:

    • Language ability in one or both of Canada’s official languages English and/or French;
    • Education level;
    • Age;
    • If you have a job offer;
    • Your spouse’s education, language skills and work experiences.


And remember – Canada is looking for 1 million skilled migrants for skills shortage across their country. 

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