Civil Law – Identifying Your Rights As A Citizen

Civil law in Canada covers a lot of sectors – Real-estate, Employment, Education, Insurance, Construction, and many more. In fact, even commercial litigation is considered to be a branch of civil litigation. Having said that, you should be careful while hiring a civil lawyer to represent your case. The trial lawyer that you hire is responsible for;

  • Studying your case
  • Collecting all facts to make your case stronger
  • Suggesting out of court settlement terms to save time and money for all the parties involved in the dispute
  • Representing you in the courtroom when pretrial efforts fail 

Moving on, it is the capability of the civil lawyer that determines the chances of your win. And the best ways to find such lawyers is by putting your trust in legal firms like Liebman Legal. This Canadian firm is a hub to experienced civil lawyers that have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of civil cases. Some other reasons that hiring lawyers at such firms is beneficial are listed below.

  • There’s Payment Security – The fee is considerably affordable.
  • There’s Transparency – You are provided with the idea of extra charges that you might have to pay if the case stretches beyond the decided timeline.
  • There’s Quality Assurance – Quality lawyers are learned professionals with prior practice experience. And the ones that reputable firms hire are experienced practicing lawyers and not amateurs. 

How Do Civil Rights Protect People?

Since applicable for different sectors, civil law protects people in a number of ways listed below.

  1. Civil Law For Employees

The employment law protects employees from;

  • Discrimination on the ground of gender, medical disabilities, ethnicity, color, and age
  • Minimum number of work hours and wages 
  • Minimum number of sick leaves 
  • Medical reimbursement claims

It also includes;

  • A pension plan
  • Termination compensation
  • Health Insurance plan by the employer
  1. Civil Law In Cases Of Commercial Frauds 

Commercial frauds, as listed above, include;

  • Real-estate frauds 
  • Insurance frauds
  • Construction frauds
  • Breach of contract 
  • Tenant and owner disagreement
  • Partnership disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Shareholder disputes 

All these frauds are monetary in nature and, thus, call for monetary compensation. 

  1. Civil Law For Education

Education is the right of all people. If you face any kind of discrimination during admission, you’re eligible to frame a lawsuit against the institution. The most common grounds of impermissible rejections include;

  • Donations
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability

On a closing note, civil lawyers at reputable legal firms are profound in all departments that civil cases involve. Thus, whichever your sector, you’re provided with the best services only. 

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