Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries are very common and can happen everywhere. It is for this reason that extra care should be taken in these cases. Even a small slip and fall can cause serious and permanent injury. This can eventually lead to broken bones and shoulder dislocations. Brain injuries are pretty common in these cases. Such injuries will require you to cover for all extreme medical expenses.

These slip and injury fall injuries can have long-lasting impact. Some of the common causes for slip and fall injury include the following

Slippery surfaces

The slightest of slip and fall injuries happen due to slippery surfaces. Spills on the floors, if not cleaned properly can increase the risk of falling. As a result, the slippery substances should not be left on the floor to avoid the risk of falling. Any slippery surface on the floor is an unavoidable safety hazard.

The snow and ice around the sidewalks can eventually increase the slip and fall injury. If the concerned authority does not take proper care of removing the snow, they will be held to be responsible for any injury due to slip and fall.

Poor lighting

If the person isn’t able to see the path ahead of them, they will definitely fall. This is eventually the case of improper lighting. The slip and fall cases are very much likely to take place in such a situation. This can be a problem in parking areas and construction sites. As a result, this should be taken care of properly.

Can you get compensation?

According to the legal rules, if you are affected by slip and fall injury due to negligence, you will get compensation. However, you need to prove the liability in order to get the compensation. It is always suggested to consult any Atlanta slip and fall attorney to understand the conditions of getting the compensation.