Consequences of Reckless Driving and How A Traffic Lawyer Can Help You


Isaac Newton’s third law of motion says that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is pretty much observable while you’re on the road — not just physically, but even legally speaking as well. For you every reckless driving behavior, there’s an accompanying consequence. And for you to properly resolve this issue, you’d need help from a reputable traffic lawyer.

How is Serious is Reckless Driving?

While road-related laws vary from state to state, reckless driving is still generally considered a serious crime. It’s defined as the careless manning of a vehicle to the point that you are compromising the safety of your fellow drivers and motorists. Its obvious consequences include the possibility of ending up hurt, hurting someone else, or worse — both.

Because of the gravity of reckless driving’s consequences, it is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor (in Virginia, at least). Belonging to the most serious type of misdemeanor, it can lead you to spend up to 12 months in jail and have your driver’s license suspended for six months. This is on top of paying fines and penalties (anywhere from $50 to $1000). Other negative effects include, but not limited to:

Difficulty in getting a security clearance (especially if you work as a driver)

Affecting your application for work or higher education

Hindering you from enlisting in the military

Paying higher premiums for your insurance policies

Why You Need Help From A Lawyer

Once you’ve been convicted with reckless driving, it will forever be etched on your criminal record. Sounds pretty bad, right? If you want to avoid this, you can only clear your record if the charges will be dismissed or dropped. For this, you’d need to tap a traffic lawyer to help you out. Here are the best ways wherein they can be of great aid:

Lawyers know how to help you clear your charges. Experience is hands down, still the best teacher. If you will get help from experienced legal experts, you’d benefit from their wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to handling different reckless driving cases. It can also be more cost-efficient for you in the long run because they can also help you reduce your fines.

They will help you navigate through the rather complicated judicial system. Especially if it’s your first time getting caught up in a legal drama, it can be really overwhelming to accomplish several judicial procedures. Doing paperwork alone is already a tedious task. How much more if you are to represent yourself before the court? If you have a traffic attorney by your side, you can easily work your way out of this legal affair thanks to his or her adeptness in the field.

You will be treated differently if you are a lone defendant. Though this is a poignant truth, defendants are being treated in the court differently. If you’ve got a lawyer by your side, you can use it to your advantage. Experienced lawyers can “intimidate” the prosecution and help change the way judges perceive you.

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