Criminal Defence Solicitors Motherwell

Tackle your corner, protect your rights. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if you or a loved one are being investigated by the police or charged with an offence. Our aim is to get the best outcome for our clients, and the quicker we get involved, the easier it is to minimize any potential damage. 

For many years, we have represented the convicted in courts across Scotland. Our criminal lawyers Motherwell have extensive experience in all facets of criminal defense practice, and we are familiar with all manner of cases brought before the Scottish criminal courts both the Sheriff and the High Court.

We provide a wide range of services for all forms of offenses and criminal proceedings, including: 

road traffic offenses such as pace, driving when using a mobile device, motoring fraud, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, drunken driving offenses, alcohol driving offenses, parking and other fixed penalty offenses.

Violation of peace, which includes any kind of behavior, including verbal or physical behavior, which is threatening or abusive and is likely to cause fear or alarm.

Domestic disputes, including assault allegations, physical violence or psychological abuse, peace breach or any other domestically aggravated offence.

Fraud offences, including corporate fraud allegations, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, illegal trading, internet fraud, auto theft, and insurance fraud.

Drug crimes, including illegal possession, attempting to sell, supply and produce of all classes of drugs.

Guidance on bail terms, including bail order updates.

Computer abuse, such as possession of indecent images, distribution of children’s indecent images, online harassment and crimes related to social media bullying, identity theft and other computer fraud, and infringement of copyright.

At any stage, we are ready to provide expert advice and representation by lawyers Motherwell who are also expert in will writing Motherwell, from attendance with custody clients in police stations, during police interviews or identification parades to citations and court appearances. Contact us for immediate help as soon as possible. We’re going to fight your corner and make sure that your rights are protected.

Defending clients in and around Motherwell 

With cases such as attacks, drug offenses, burglary, theft and fraud, public disorder, domestic disputes, and road traffic offenses, we have considerable experience. We learn the prosecution’s key tactics and combat them with our own effective defensive strategies. We respond quickly and closely to the facts and interpretation of events by the prosecution. If circumstances are mitigating, we must put these to the notice of the prosecutors. If there are errors in the gathering of evidence or in the narrative of the prosecution, we work quickly to reveal them. We do this to illustrate the flaws that weaken our client’s case. When possible, we seek to avoid taking matters further, by showing, for example, that there is no case for responding but we try our best to help you in best possible way by our expert solicitors Motherwell, you just need to contact us at Wright Solicitors.