Four Qualities to Look for In A Competent Listing Agent

Figuring out how much to price your current property to attract potential buyers is an art form. If you are in the process of doing this, it is probably beneficial for you to go the professional way and hire a listing agent in order to get the right price for the property you are looking to sell. In this guide, we’ll go over four qualities of competent listing agents you’ll want to keep your eye on when you are ready to begin the selling process.

1. Choose an Agent with A Large Advertising Budget

Agents with a larger advertising budget most likely are with larger companies that have the means to back their ad spend. As a result, you will have access to a greater range of buyers through the agent as well as the company thanks to the greater advertising budget.

2. Determine What the Fee Structure Is

Depending on whom you decide to work with, you’ll either have to pay a large or small commission once you have sold the property. If the only thing that is positive about the agent is a cheaper fee compared to most other agents, you’ll want to take a serious look into their credentials and qualifications. In a competitive market, listing agents will try to outprice one another and this can come at the detriment of the seller if the agent is not very competent.

3. What Kind of Experience Does the Listing Agent Have?

Since real estate has a complex underlying engine, it is difficult for beginning agents to get a foot in the door and many quit before the one-year mark because they are not making enough money. If you find yourself working with a real estate agent with many years of experience under their belt, it can be beneficial because they have developed the tried and true methods of reaching out to buyers and making sales.

4. Make Sure the Agent Is A People Person and Good Networker

One very effective way listing agents can get your material out to the right buyers is by leveraging their own contact network of real estate agents to show your home. The more people in your real estate agent’s Rolodex and the more network contacts they have, the easier time they will have in selling your home thanks to the sheer volume of buyers that hit the bullseye in terms of what you are looking for.

Unless you want to spend the time and money figuring out the real estate market, listing agents can be extremely useful when selling your home. By making sure they have these qualities, you can increase your chances of finding a suitable buyer when you decide to sell.