How arthroscopic surgery is beneficial for foot surgery?

Life becomes difficult when you have to deal with intense foot pain. It interferes with your daily lifestyle and activities that you perform on a day-to-day basis. If you’re facing any such issues, you should immediately seek help from an orthopedic doctor. After examining your health condition and series of tests, he might recommend you the right solution. Though all injuries do not require surgery, there are serious complications that can be treated only with surgery. In such cases, the doctors might recommend you to get arthroscopic surgery. The word arthroscopy has been derived from two words- arthro and skopein. Arthro stands for Joint and skopein stands for ‘to look’. This procedure is considered a safe procedure and is minimally invasive. The surgeons use advanced technology to scrutinize the condition of your joint in a better manner.

Arthroscopy- Procedure and its benefits:

In this procedure, a small camera is inserted through a small incision made by the surgeon. Unlike traditional surgical techniques, a very small cut is made to avoid complications and disruptions around the joint and the surrounding nerves. The examination can be performed through a tiny button-like cut. This is the main difference between arthroscopic surgery and traditional surgery. The magnified image is displayed on the TV screen which allows the doctor to get a clear picture of the joint problems. However, if you feel that your doctor has been negligent or ignorant while performing an arthroscopy, you can take legal action against him. An orthopedic expert witness plays an incredible role in this lawsuit. The attorneys will seek advice from these witnesses to get case facts from him. Also, these witnesses provide testimony during court trials, arbitration and deposition. However, with the correct surgery, patients will be able to get the benefits mentioned below.

It enhances the accuracy of the diagnosis

Joint injuries are diagnosed with a series of medical tests and physical examinations. Arthroscopic surgery has proven the benefits of providing accurate results. It is considered better than X-Rays. It helps in better evaluation of the joints and can easily detect cartilage lesions, if any.

Fast recovery of the patients

Another great advantage of Arthroscopic surgery is that the procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour. Also, the patients can go back home on the same day- which means that they don’t have to stay overnight in a hospital. Besides this, patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery can recover fast and can get back to their daily jobs within a few days of the surgery. Remember that recovery time is different for different individuals. For instance, patients will diabetes may take time to recover.

Infection risk is low in arthroscopic surgeries

The chances of developing an infection are very less. However, a patient might suffer from infection risks if the surgeon was negligent while diagnosing the patient. This is one of the reasons why previous medical history and essential lab tests are so essential before getting surgery. If you develop infections due to a doctor’s negligence, a lawsuit can be filed against the doctor.