How does an eye expert witness help in botched up cataract surgeries?

Cataract is one of the major problems which are quite prevalent in old adults. Blurred vision is the main symptom. Your surgeon might recommend cataract surgery to replace the real lens with the artificial ones. Most people do enjoy successful surgery with faster recovery. But some patients might go through severe complications because of the surgeon’s negligence or fault. If such is the case with you, make sure you get in touch with an ophthalmology expert witness because they are experienced surgeons and can help you to get your deserving compensation. It is the right of every patient to seek compensation for the damages caused to them- this includes both economic and non-economic damages.

You can face any one of the following symptoms for surgeon’s negligence:

  • Eye infections
  • Inflammation (Though this is a common symptom, it should subside within few days. If the problem persists, it can be a case of negligence).
  • Retinal detachment (Severe complication, requires immediate medical diagnosis or it might lead to permanent vision loss).
  • Lens fragments (This happens when the surgeon by mistake lefts behind few pieces while removing the cloudy lens).
  • Retinal fluid buildup
  • Dislocated intraocular Lens (IOL)
  • Cornea swelling
  • Secondary cataract
  • Bleeding
  • Floaters and flashes in the light
  • Light sensitivity
  • High eye pressure
  • Dysphotopsia

If you face any of these above-mentioned symptoms, then you should immediately take help from an attorney because without their help, you cannot seek medico-legal guidance from an ophthalmologist expert witness.

Role of an eye expert witness in botched cataract surgeries:

Ophthalmology witnesses play a multifaceted role in surgical cases. They attend the court proceedings and have good experience in presenting their facts. Moreover they have confident in their ability to give clear oral evidence with a good voice projection. Speaking confidently in the court is very important because the tone of speaking can persuade the jury to believe that the facts given by the expert are true and proven. Besides this, they also have other important roles to play. Read below to know more.

  • Preparing written documents based on the case facts
  • Performing Independent Medical Examination
  • Explaining the technical matters of the case

Medical malpractice cases are extremely complicated because majority of the cases happen due to technical faults. Also, there is s particular time limit within which you need to file the lawsuit. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If you miss this deadline, you lose your compensational rights. Also, an expert ophthalmology witness needs time to go through the case in detail before penning down their opinions. As soon as you bring the case to an expert, better will be the chances of winning the case.

Hence, it is proved from the above discussion that the role of expert witnesses in malpractice claims is manifold. Even the attorneys cannot work in these matters without seeking expert guidance from these eye witnesses.