How Long Should You Wait for the Insurance Agency to Pay Your Car Accident Claims?

You must have been spending thousands of dollars after your car accident in meeting your medical bills as well as damage to properties and wage loss. Taking the help of an experienced lawyer from Atlanta car accident attorney for filing the insurance claim and successfully winning the settlement is but only the beginning of the processes. Obviously, you are not going to receive the settlement as soon as you file the claim or at an earliest after the winning of the settlement. Some insurance agencies even wait as long as until the deadline of the state’s statute of limitations. In this context, every state has its own deadline beginning from one year to ten years. For example, the state of Oregon offers a deadline of ten years whereas the state of Tennessee allows only one-year deadline to file the case of a claim. However, most states along with the state of Georgia offer two years deadline to file for the claim.

Similarly, every state has different rules regarding how soon an insurance agency should acknowledge the accident notice and process the settlement request. Some states have articulated specific deadline whereas some states direct the insurance agencies to pay within a stipulated and reasonable period of time. However, the state of Georgia has a specific and strict deadline based on which the insurance companies must act such as they must acknowledge the claim within fifteen days.

In addition to the acknowledgement, the insurance companies must also provide the claimant proof of loss forms furnished with instruction for filling the forms within 15 days. Similarly, the insurance companies have to deny or accept the claimant’s proof of loss forms within 15 days and have to file the initial claiming within 30 days if they do not require the proof forms and have 60 days deadline for the final decision. Finally, the insurance company must pay the claimant within 10 days from the notification of acceptance of the claim by the insurance agency.

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