How to find the Right Construction Law Attorney in New York City?

Are you in charge of a construction project? If you are, you certainly know the type of headache it can cause. It is a complex process which involves not only juggling with all groups of workers, developers, architects or engineers, but it also requires a pile of documents and permits to be signed so that you don’t break any construction law.

Although you are perfectly able to organize all these groups of people, you need a construction law attorney who would make sure everything is done in a legal manner. This lawyer would take care of issuing permits and licenses, solve potential disputes along the way, provide insurance and solid contracts etc.

As a contractor in New York, you undoubtedly need an expert in New York city construction law by your side, since one tiny irregularity can put a stop to the whole project, which would cost you time and money until it’s solved.

How to find the right construction lawyer for your project? Read the following tips to find out.

Do a research

The initial step would be to start searching for potential candidates. You can commence your search on the internet and write down all the construction law attorneys in your area. It’s very important to limit your research to the ones who have experience in this field of law and practice it in your city or state, as they’ll know all the right people involved in any potential court process.

Another way of including a lawyer on your list, would be to ask around in your local region. There’s nobody better to ask than people who have already hired construction attorneys, as they’ll give you the best insight to their work and expertise.

Look for a knowledgeable and experienced professional

Construction law it’s a very complex field, consisted of laws, regulations and rules which vary across states and countries. You need to hire a person who would have an excellent knowledge of the construction regulations in your region. In addition, he/she should be familiar with your industry in order to better understand the problems which happen during the project.

Don’t wait for a dispute in order to hire one. It’s always beneficial to employ a lawyer from the start, to be prepared to act quickly in case of any irregularity. Click here to read why you need to hire an attorney before you really need it.

You should also look for a person with experience, especially in cases which are similar to yours. Experienced attorneys always cost more money than the ones who are just beginning their practice. The more experienced they are, the more money you are charged. You don’t have to hire the most expensive one, but also don’t go for the cheapest, as it’ll turn out more costly than you imagined.

Schedule an initial meeting

Once you rule out most of the candidates on your list, contact the ones which are left and schedule a meeting with each one. Some of them will have this meeting over the phone, others in person. It’s better if you meet themface to face, as you need more than just information on their services.

You need to check their professionalism, the way they behave towards you and the interest they show regarding your construction project. Another thing you should pay attention to, is their communication skills, as a good lawyer is worth nothing without the power of speech and persuasion.

Use the interview opportunity to ask all the relevant questions such as the way in which you are going to communicate, his/her involvement in the project and normally the budget you’ll need to cover the costs. Go to the following link:, to learn how to prepare for the initial consultation with your potential construction law attorney.

Wrap up

Construction projects are a business area where you need legal assistance, as numerous issues arise on a daily basis.

Hiring a construction law expert right from the start, will save you both time and money.  Therefore, start looking for one from the minute you start you project. Don’t wait until you really have to do it!

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