Motorcycle Accident Stats in North Carolina

Even though motorcyclists are still dying at a much higher rate compared to other motorists in North Carolina, fatalities had decreased in 2017 compared to 2016. In fact, motorcycle fatalities decreased at least by 7% during this period. 

The statistics of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association show that 141 motorcycle crashes were reported in 2017 in NC compared to 152 in 2016. But in 2018, there were 170 motorcycle deaths in the state – which shows an upward trend in the fatalities. 

There are many factors that contribute to motorcycle fatalities in North Carolina. Hazards that are created by other motorists on the road and poor decisions by motorcycle operators are two of the primary contributors in this regard. This article provides information on bike accident stats in North Carolina.

Motorcycle accidents and severe injuries are continuing to threaten riders throughout the State of North Carolina. Motorcycle accidents account for 7.1% of all traffic fatalities in North Carolina. In fact, there are almost 11.9 fatalities for every 10,000 registered motorcycles in the state. The North Carolina Department of Transportation or NCDOT advises riders to practice safety and be more cautious when sharing the road with other motorists in the state. 

There are many things that a motorcyclist could do in order to prevent crashes and injuries. Some of these things include:

  • Don’t ride when you are distracted or impaired
  • Keep the headlights and taillights on at dusk, during rainy weather or when riding in the dark
  • Wear a quality helmet that meets the high protection standards of the state
  • Wear the proper clothing including a jacket, sturdy footwear, eyewear, and gloves
  • When completing a pass, one should check the rearview mirror and ensure there is a safe distance
  • Always signal your intention to turn before turning

The other motorists also could help make roads safer for motorcyclists by taking some of these precautions.

  • Most motorcyclists take to the roads on weekends, you should be extra cautious during these times.
  • Provide the motorcyclist with adequate room to maneuver the bike
  • Don’t try to share a lane with a motorcyclist – in fact, a motorcycle has the same right to lanes like any other vehicle  
  • Don’t drive when you are distracted or impaired
  • Check your mirror carefully before changing the lane when a motorcycle is nearby

The ramifications of motorcycle crashes can be quite serious or even life-threatening at times. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to severe injuries and even death during traffic accidents compared to most of the other vehicles on the road. A motorcyclist can often suffer serious injuries due to the negligence of another party. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, you can seek legal assistance and compensation for your injuries and loss of work hours. You will need a personal injury attorney who focuses on North Carolina motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are dying at a much higher rate compared to the other motorists in North Carolina. Poor decisions by motorcycle operators and hazards that are created by other motorists are the primary contributors in this regard.  

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