Questions to Ask your Solicitors Relating to Costs of their Services

When the need to hire shrewsbury solicitors arises, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cost. Your solicitor should provide you with information about the costs so you will know what to expect and how to plan accordingly.

The good news is that solicitors are offering different costs for their services. The key here is to compare so you can make an informed decision. When comparing, it is always best to start with questions. Here are the questions to ask your solicitors relating to the costs of their services:

Do you charge for a consultation?

A consultation is important because it allows you and the solicitor to know each other. Aside from that, consultations also encourage disclosure of information relevant to your case. Essentially, the solicitor can provide you with the best information so you can make an informed decision.

Consultation can be done by phone, online or face-to-face. In most cases, solicitors can charge you for a consultation but they typically inform you beforehand. If the solicitor offers a free consultation, you should delve deeper into the conditions. Regardless, you have to make the most of the consultation.

How do you determine the cost of your services?

As mentioned, solicitors offer different costs for their services. By asking how the solicitors determine the cost of their services, you can understand how they are different from others. Other solicitors charge highly because of their experience and skills.

While the estimates vary from one solicitor to another, you should understand the services they offer so you can make the most out of it and pick the service that suits you most. With this, you can shop around and determine the solicitor that provides the best value for money.

What are your methods of charging?

Solicitors have different charging methods. For instance, one solicitor may offer a fixed fee while others charge an hourly rate. Others consider CFAs (Conditional Fee Arrangements), which are also called “no win, no fee” arrangements. As the name suggests, if you do not win the case, you won’t have to pay lawyer’s fees.

What is a fixed fee?

If the solicitor offers a fixed fee arrangement, you have to know what it covers and if you will be charged for any other costs. Keep in mind that a “fixed fee” may cover all costs for the services that you require or it may only cover the lawyer’s fees. To be clear about this, do not hesitate to ask the solicitor and ask for an estimate of the cost.

What will the final bill look like if you charge an hourly rate?

If the solicitors charge hourly, they should at least give you an estimate so you will know what the final bill will look like. If they are not giving, you should not hesitate to ask the estimate for the whole service. Although it is hard to predict the cost, at least you have a range of costs to help you decide. 

Are there any extra costs?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions you need to ask the solicitor. When you ask your solicitors this, you are basically determining if they have given all the information truthfully. With this, you will not be presented with nasty surprises in the future.

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