Reasons Why You Need an Appeal Bond

An appeal bond is a document signed by the appellant. An appellant is a person who lost a lawsuit but has the right to appeal.In the supreme courts of California, the same legal instrument is called a California appeal bond. After signing this bond, the appellant requests the appellate court (California Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court’s appellate division) to check for any prejudicial errors or mistakes affecting the outcome of the case.

Reason Why You Need It:

  1. There is a possibility that the judge may have applied the wrong law during the trial or may have done an incorrect finding of a fact. This bond puts judge’s wrong decision in big question if the appellant’s facts and figures are correct and he or she is confident of not doing anything wrong.
  2. Another reason could be one of the juries must have made a wrongful fact finding. This bond compels the jury members to look in to facts once again and rephrase their findings.
  3. The appellant court reviews of any substantial evidence supporting the court’s decision. This may bring up some new and yet true facts and findings in the name of new evidence.
  4. A California appeal bond puts a strong hold on to the judgment of the court (in case sought by the appellee) while the appeal is still going on. It is a sort of judiciary surety bondposted by a defendant to immediately stop any incorrect judgment enforced by the court of law.
  5. The nature of an appeal bond is of longer duration and it is also very pricy. The fee is exorbitant and hence the appellant sometimes goes bankrupt. However, this buys some time to the appellant to ensure that he or she will overcome his or her obligationsbefore any judgment is passed.

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