The Difference Between Civil and Commercial Litigation

Litigation is a law in which two or more parties are involved in a non-criminal dispute and seeking justice in a legal way. When talking about litigation, there are several of them, but the two most commonly used and known are Civil and Commercial litigation. However, many people get confused between the two as the procedure for both the laws are quite similar. Hence, here is a differentiation between the two:

  • Civil Litigation- A civil litigation is fought between two or more individuals regarding a fraud committed by one party on the other. Usually, the fraud involved is financial-based and hence needs to be solved by a litigator who then uses proofs and evidence to solve the case. Sometimes the dispute also involves issues such as copyright, ownership of a place, landlords, medical frauds, divorce lawsuits, etc. Civil litigation can be stressful as the issue if not solved within a month, may then go on for several months or even years to get resolved and seek justice as everything depends on proofs and facts. 
  • Commercial Litigation- Commercial Litigation, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for cases involving business disputes. These include customers, employees, partners, investors, buyers, and sellers, etc. Nowadays, with the advancement in technologies and business sectors, commercial litigation also involves data breaching and cyber security. As most of the business these days have gone online, it is important for them to secure the data of their customers and clients. If they fail to do so then action can be taken against such companies under the commercial litigation law. Commercial Litigation can be really expensive and time-consuming as just like the civil litigation even this may take years to get resolved.  

Both Civil and Commercial Litigation may look very similar because the procedures involved in both the laws are almost same. However, the parties and situation which is involved in both these laws are what make them different from one another. Here firms like Liebman Legal, provide you with services that involve both Civil and Commercial laws with various other litigations to make it easier for you to file your cases with professional litigators who have years of experience in the field. 

No matter how tiring and stressful the procedure of these litigations may feel like, it is important for people to know their laws and fight for their justice in a legal way.