The significance of the C-TPAT certificate

What is C TPAT?

C-TPAT is also known as custom trade partnership against terrorism. The custom trade partnership against terrorism is a type of a joint initiative which is between the business organizations and the government. The main purpose of CTPAT is to build a relationship which is cooperative and help in strengthening the security of the international supply chain overall. It also helps in enhancing legitimate flow of trade entering the state.

The concentrate partnership against terrorism is a discretionary program that demands the participants to document as well as assess the practice taking place currently. It also diamonds the participants communicate as well as evolve new practices that can ensure you as well the security among the chain of supply.

The Benefits of C-TPAT

It is important to be custom trade partnership against terrorism certified for an organization. There are number of benefits of being certified as CTPAT. The CTPAT is a very important certificate for a business organization. The CTPAT certification has clearly as well as frequently became a standard in the industry which only for good reasons.

The CTPAT certification will help you in increasing the business efficiency as well as it will help in making it profitable. The main benefit of the CTPAT certification is that it will provide you the protection of the government from the terrorism which is a potential send for your business. The C-TPAT Consultant [C-TPAT ที่ปรึกษา, which are the term in Thai] can help you in getting the certificate.

The procedure of becoming C-TPAT certified?

Usually there are 3 certain steps for an organization to become CTPAT certified.

  • The very first step in getting CTPAT certified is to carry out a documented security check.
  • The second step summit an application which is written by the organization to the portal system of CTPAT.
  • Third step for the organization is to fulfill a security profile of supply chain which in state that the company meets minimum requirement of security criteria.
  • After 90 days filling the application, the company will receive the verified CTPAT certificate or it also might get rejected. The certificate will be having the validity of about three years.