What and Why You Need the Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate law is constantly evolving. It brings together legislation concerning both co-ownerships and the sale of real estate, trustees and property dealers. Likewise, we are regularly asked for legal advice on the relationship between buyers and sellers of real estate, promise to sell, sales mandate and relations between real estate agencies and seller and buyer.

Real estate legal advice: how?

Whatever type of legal aid you benefit from (legal insurance or legal aid), a professional legal adviser will guide you through your steps. To be able to benefit from real estate legal advice , you must act as soon as any dispute arises. Then, your advisers will give you the legal advice necessary for the amicable resolution of the real estate dispute. Using the real estate attorneys is a very important matter.

It is therefore important to ensure that the amicable phase does not exceed this period. Legal proceedings can be long and costly, so some insurance companies offer you legal assistance with legal costs.

To respond to your requests for information and legal assistance in real estate law, free legal advice puts at your service lawyers who are specialized and competent in real estate law.

Real estate and property law: everything you need to know

As part of civil law, real estate law includes the laws and regulations specific to real estate and real estate transactions, namely:

  • Commercial leases, drafting of leases, assignment of lease, sublease, eviction compensation, etc.
  • Housing leases, neighborhood disturbances, unpaid rents, eviction procedure, etc.

Professional leases

Sale, rental of real estate, compromise and promise to sell, penal clauses, latent defects, easements, sale for life.

Home ownership

  • The management of co-ownerships, recovery of charges, contestation of charges, etc.

Investing in real estate

  • Construction, building permits, poor workmanship, late penalties, etc.

Our legal aid

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an individual (owners, tenants, co-owners, usufructuaries …) or a professional (real estate companies, co-ownership trustees, real estate agencies, insurance companies, collection agencies) in possession of a local, make trust the expertise of our online lawyers. They are empowered to assist you in all your legal procedures and to defend all your rights in real estate law, property law, and construction law.

With considerable experience in civil law and more particularly in real estate management, our legal advisers and online lawyers carefully study your files in the event of litigation and provide you with precise and simple legal advice regarding your procedures and sales and rental of goods. Our legal team is able to assess the risks of a business and develop a strategy adapted to the situation of each of its clients.

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