What Questions to Ask When Choosing a Family Law Attorney


It is a traumatic experience when you and your spouse have to end marriage. However, if you and your spouse have had children and acquired assets together, it makes it all the more important to ensure that the entire process of divorce is being handled carefully. The future of your family will depend on whether you hire the right attorney. All these start with interviewing the attorneys to learn about their background and experience.

How long have you Been Handling Family Law Cases?

The first question is to ask the attorney how long and how many family law cases he has been handling. Better still if the attorney has hired lots of cases that are similar to your circumstances. So, be sure to ask about it, out of all the divorce cases, how many cases he has handled are similar to yours. If you intend to take it to the court, be sure to ask about the number of cases they represent in the trial. An experienced family lawyer will understand the complexities involved in your case.

Are There Other Professionals that Will Be Working on the Case?

The family law attorney may not be the only person that is working on your case. The legal fee quotation you see involves the cost of hiring other professionals. For example, the lawyer will not be working on your case but another person who is the associate will take over your case. This type of service is cheaper since it is not the lawyer himself that is working on your case. There will also be other people that work on your case such as consultant, and personal investigator. You should ask about the experiences and cost of the professionals who will be involved in working on your case. Get more details on family court lawyer free consultation near me.


How Long Do You Take to Return Phone Calls?

In addition, you don’t want to forget to ask about how long is the turnaround time for the family law attorney to respond to your phone calls. If you find you have the need to frequently communicate about the case, you should look for a lawyer who can give you personalized attention and return to your phone call in a 24 hour period. Besides, you should ask about the communication method such as email, phone call or face to face meeting. The number of times the lawyer has to communicate with you will be taken into account into the legal fees.

How Do You Charge for Handling the Case?

Finally, you should ask for an estimated quotation of handling your case. You should ask whether the attorney charges hourly rate or flat fee. You can ask about what kind of costs you will be paying for example consultation, traveling, court filing fees, and etc. If the lawyer charges a flat fee, you can ask about the services included in the agreement and how you will be billed if you need services that are not covered in the agreement. On the other hand, if the lawyer charges an hourly rate, you should ask about how much he has charged clients with similar cases like yours. He should not just give you an estimated cost but also explain to you about the factors that are likely to influence the cost of your case.