What To Do When Injured After A Minor Car Accident

A person owning or driving a car should not only know about driving and maintenance but should also know what to do when a minor car accident happens. It comes as some car blunders, even if it is a minor one, can still cause damage to a car, which may afterwards require expensive repairs.

However, despite having your car damaged after a minor collision incident, you should first check if you or your passengers have incurred any injuries. A minor accident can still be detrimental for a vehicle. Hence, you must keep an eye out for the gas tank leaking or a smoking engine as it may cause sparks, or worse, a fire.

If the accident happens with another vehicle on the road, make sure to move your car and ask the other driver to do the same, to prevent blocking the traffic on the road. It would be best if you remain calm while conversing with the other driver about the situation. Staying composed during the conversation with the other driver can help you both sort out the collision accident.

A heated conversation between you and the other driver can make the situation worse and may make you both too emotional and pre-occupied to exchange critical information, such as phone number and email address, insurance policy information, and take a photo of their license and number plate. If there are any witnesses, it will help if you take note of the contact details and information.

Moreover, no matter how big or small the accident is, it is better to call the police and make a report about the incident. It comes as several insurance companies require a police report before covering car repair costs. A police report can also protect your bases, notably, if you were not at fault during the collision incident.

Accordingly, after making an incident report to the police, you should also report the accident to your insurance company even if the accident was not your fault. Additionally, settling insurance claims can take a while, as insurance companies take their time to investigate whose fault the accident was as well as the cost of repairs. Hence, it is essential to follow up on your claims regularly.

On the other hand, if you happen to be in a minor collision situation with someone uninsured, you may consider taking them to a small claims court. A Santa Ana auto accident lawyer can help you in the courts if you ever have an encounter with an uninsured driver.

Accordingly, you can file a claim against your insurance company in the scenario that you hold uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance. Hiring an Anaheim personal injury lawyer can make your life a lot easier. It comes as processing claims from your insurance provider can be time-consuming as you have to run back and forth to produce and provide all the paperwork needed for the settlement.

Knowing what to do right after a car accident, may it be a major one or a minor incident, can help you with all the processes and requirements needed for car accident and personal injury claims. This infographic by Avrek Law details what you should do when injured after a minor car accident.