What UK’s Laws Say About CBD

CBD has taken the UK by storm. For the past few years, people have enjoyed going to a CBD shop and buying their favorite products. However, this recent surge has led to people questioning the legality of CBD. Let’s discuss what UK’s laws say about these matters.

First of all, people are wondering whether growing hemp is prohibited. The UK outlawed hemp after World War One because of its confusion with other forms of cannabis. However, Citizens of the UK can grow industrial hemp if they apply for a license from the Home Office Controlled Drugs Licensing department. Some customers are also asking about CBD product selling. CBD products can be sold as long as sellers don’t advertise their benefits as medicinal.

Over the past few years, the CBD industry has been booming. This, however, has not led to any straight-forward shipping because there are some countries with much stricter laws than the UK. Licenses are unnecessary when importing CBD into the UK. If you want to ship internationally, it is considered legal as long as these products are also legal in the country they are being sent to.

Lastly, product labeling for CBD can be strict. Brands are only permitted to sell CBD products as a food supplement under two conditions: 1) No medical claims can be made 2) A daily recommended dose below 200 mg of CBD is stated on the product.

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